by Safe//Sorry

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released June 19, 2013

Recorded at The Treehouse in Nashville, TN

Seth Penn - producer, engineer, vocals, programming, keys, synths, bass, electric guitar
Kyle Schonewill - mixing, mastering, electric guitar
Nathan Spicer - electric guitar
Sam Tinnesz - electric guitar, vocals
Scott Mills - electric guitar
Alex Edwards - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Kristen Jaudon - vocals

Artwork by Thomas Royalty |

All songs written by Seth Penn

Except for - "Glimmer in the Grey" & "What If" written by Seth Penn/Kristen Jaudon/Emily Reid, "Lost Along The Way" written by Seth Penn/Sam Tinnesz



all rights reserved


Safe//Sorry Nashville, Tennessee

Safe//Sorry is a side project of Seth Penn, a producer/songwriter/recording engineer based out of Nashville, TN. Safe//Sorry's goal is to blend electronic elements with organic elements like electric guitars into a unique combination of electro/ambient/melodic pop. ... more

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Track Name: Prism
Track Name: Glimmer in the Grey
Looking into your eyes I feel safe.
And nothing you can do will make that change…in time.

But now our time is coming to an end.
And all that's left is passing as the wind.

So go ahead and fake it, go ahead and lie.
Go ahead and take it, don't leave it there to die.

I didn't wanna leave your side, remember looking at the sky?
Standing still as time has passed us by tonight.
Just a glimmer in the grey, but now I look from far away.
Passing stars seen through a telescope up close.

So this is how you treat the ones you love?
Break the hearts of those you take hold of.

Nothing's going to change, nothing stays the same.
We're just passing stars, we're just aching hearts.
Track Name: What He Whispered
I don't believe you, and you won't repeat me, the mere fact that you called it love shows me
That you are not ready for this complicated bliss, and you're acting on the wrong feelings

But don't look back, and don't feel bad

I know who you're running after, don't cover up your lies with laughter
I don't understand us anymore

He says he loves you just because you kissed him, now don't come to me with your emotions
Cuz I tried to be there and you were not aware, now only the six of us made it home

I know who you're running after, don't cover up your lies with laughter
I know who you're thinking of, he gave up freedom for your love
But just tell me what he whispered…in your ear

We have to go back, but I know that you don't want to see them, and you won't ever believe him
Track Name: Lost Along The Way
Beneath the night inside your eyes, the amber skies have lost their light
You calculate the time it takes you can't escape the bonds you've tried to hide

If you follow your heart, you might get lost along the way
Eyes closed tight in the dark, you might get lost along the way
There is no end to where it takes you

Each path you take and choice you make will lead you to another place
The shadows hide the truth from lies, the mystery will wear you down in time

Find your way back to what we had, take a deep breath, let love react
Push your way through all the wreckage, tear your walls down, let my heart in
Track Name: See The Sun
I know a place where I can go, far beyond my hopes.
It isn't far, it isn't close, and I will never know
How to find what I've lost, now I'm looking for my song

My song it plays in my head every night
My song it never ends do I realize?
I wish I could see the sun
How I long to be the one you love
Track Name: What If
When you love somebody, they say that you should set them free.
And if its love, somehow you'll know, even if it breaks, how to let them go.

What if it all means something? What if we got it wrong?
With these scars you left on me, can I still move on?

If I've lost my way, where will you find me?
On my darkest day, where am I hiding?
Do we have a chance? Love is more than this.

It once was safe to confide, but now we stand saying goodbye
They say someday we'll understand, some things that fly were never meant to land

Breathe so I know you're real, one touch and I could heal
I've been dreaming of my escape
The two of us built this wall, one whisper it would fall
How much longer can I wait…for you?
Track Name: Escaping Words
In the cellar, life is better. No noises, no surprises.
Time passes, ticking slowly. Crimes happen, but not so boldly.

Escaping words from my lips. I can't compete, with this gift.

Can I escape from all that is in motion?
How did I get like this, how did this all begin?
Will I ever be missed?

So show me a way out of this…pool of disobedience
Selfish fires burn within…within my soul
Track Name: The Choice
Running as fast as I can
There’s no more time for pre-laid plans, my plans
Fleeing from the unseen things
Wondering if theres more to being, alive

I just need the truth or the innocence of youth, the time has come to change

My heart is on the line
And all that’s left behind is the choice I’ve made
This choice I’ve made

I open, open up heart, my heart
Can you take it, and clean up the worst parts?

The time is over done and through, old habits gone, my life renewed
The battle is won, and I’ll proceed along this path you’ve made for me
I can’t describe how much you’ve done, all of my suffering is gone
So focus my vision to see, the prize, the gift, the victory

My heart is on the line
And all that’s left behind is the choice I’ve made
The hours move so fast
I can feel breakthrough at last, but the choice I’ve made, is the choice I’ve made